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ETI outlines energy system scenarios

The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) has highlighted two different energy scenarios that demonstrate how the UK could decarbonise heat to meet its 2050 climate change targets.

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Hydrogen gas grid would transform CCS economics

Converting gas grids to hydrogen would "fundamentally change" the economics of carbon capture and storage (CCS), a senior figure at Northern Gas Networks has claimed.

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Is CCS worth the candle?

George Day sets out ETI's thinking around the whole system appeal of CCS technology.

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Catch it, keep it: the role of CCS in decarbonising gas and heat...

CCS is struggling for a future in the UK. Network explores its value to the challenge of decarbonising heat via the gas grid.

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Low carbon security of supply: the case for CCS is building

The government's pause for thought on Hinkley should trigger a rethink about support for CCS too, says George Day.