Smarter Grid Solutions opens two R&D labs

Smarter Grid Solutions opens two R&D labs

Smarter Grid Solutions, a provider of distributed energy resource management software, has announced the official opening of two research and development laboratories in its Glasgow and New York offices.

According to the company, the laboratories are linked together to create a single virtual development environment allowing its development teams on either side of the Atlantic to collaborate more closely than ever before. The investment in these R&D labs is to support the development of its next generation of products by allowing the firm to test the scaling of its technology to millions of distributed energy resource devices.

The opening of these laboratories comes hot on the heels of the firm celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Smarter Grid Solutions chief technology officer, Dr Bob Currie (pictured), said: "The investment that Smarter Grid Solutions has made to establish the laboratories and a single virtual R&D team underpins our commitment to developing and releasing the next generation of our products.

"Having successfully transitioned from a project-led to a product-led business, these laboratories will allow us to accelerate our product development in the rapidly growing market for distributed energy resource management systems."


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