£320m investment for heat networks

£320m investment for heat networks

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has launched the Heat Networks Investment Project (HNIP) - a major Government project which will invest £320 million of capital funding in heat network projects.

Triple Point Heat Networks Investment Management has been confirmed as the delivery partner responsible for deployment of the project.

The delivery partner is comprised of the following organisations: Triple Point Investment Management LLP, AECOM, Amberside Advisors Ltd, BDO LLP, Ecuity Consulting LLP, Gemserv and Lux Nova Partners Ltd.

Ken Hunnisett, project director and head of public sector at Triple Point Investment Management, said: "We are delighted to take on the leadership function within such a capable delivery partner team while also providing substantial investment management support. Among other things, our extensive experience and successes in energy infrastructure investing means that Triple Point is ideally suited to its role in resourcing and facilitating the HNIP Investment Committee, the body responsible for deploying HNIP funding in line with the investment mandate."


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Gas Networks Ireland has agreed a €100 million financing facility with the European Investment Bank.

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Northern Powergrid is about to start the final stage of its £1.75 million investment work in Skelton.

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Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission has secured a £500 million loan from the European Investment Bank to support the reinforcement of the transmission network in the north of Scotland.