Power professionals content, report finds

Power professionals content, report finds

20 February 2018

Channel: People & skills

Almost half of power professionals are happier now than three years ago, according to the findings of the second annual Global Energy Talent Index (GETI) - the world's largest energy recruitment and employment trends report.

The report reveals that automation and digitalisation are creating an optimistic power sector workforce, with cutting-edge technology and flexible working contributing to contentment.

The report states: "For the employee in pursuit of happiness, the power sector is worth considering. Forty-five per cent of power professionals said they were happier now than three years ago - more than in any other sector. The top reason was flexible working, implying that lifestyle trends associated with digitalisation are playing a role in boosting contentment."

20,000 energy professionals and hiring managers were surveyed in 163 countries across five industry sub-sectors: oil and gas, renewables, power, nuclear and petrochemicals.

The report by Airswift, the global workforce solutions provider for the energy, process and infrastructure sectors, and Energy Jobline, a jobsite for the energy and engineering industries, provides insights into sector digitalisation.

Hannah Peet, managing director at Energy Jobline, said: "Although there is a correlation between the rise in happiness and the emergence of digitalisation, this is a multifaceted relationship in the power sector. The power sector is clearly doing well on keeping its employees happy, but hiring managers should be mindful that the relationship between digitalisation and happiness in the sector isn't straightforward."

Janette Marx, chief operating officer at Airswift, added: "Digitalisation's impact on the wellbeing of employees is proving to be pivotal. The power sector has had to digitalise faster than others, so we should pay attention to what workers and hirers highlight as benefits. The fact that more personal benefits - like flexible working - take a backseat to broader, organisational gains like efficiency and productivity, shows us that digitalisation is more than hype - it really is transformative."

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