Moixa secures government funding to expand GridShare platform

Moixa secures government funding to expand GridShare platform

Moixa, a leading smart home battery company, has received more than £250,000 worth of government funding to expand its GridShare platform.

The firm has secured £267,750 from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy's Energy Entrepreneurs Fund to expand its platform to manage a wider range of third party home batteries, electric vehicle batteries and IoT batteries.

GridShare aggregates the capacity of multiple distributed batteries to create a virtual power plant, which can deliver services on demand to the national grid, local electricity networks and utilities. This helps reduce the costs of delivering electricity and enables greater adoption of renewables and electric vehicles.

Simon Daniel, CEO of Moixa, said: "By enabling Gridshare to manage other manufacturers' batteries we will enhance the value of their products and we will offer utilities a one-stop shop for domestic battery aggregation.

"This will put us well on course towards our 2020 target of aggregating 200MWh of battery capacity to support a low-carbon, cost-effective smart grid."

Moixa has set a 2020 target of installing batteries in 50,000 UK homes and managing twice as many on GridShare. Managing household batteries helps inform how to manage potential flexibility from behind the meter household batteries, through to electric vehicles and a wide range of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.


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Moixa, the UK's leading smart battery company, has announced a partnership with one of Japan's largest trading houses, ITOCHU Corporation, to market its GridShare platform, which manages and optimises home energy storage systems.

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Moixa will create a virtual power plant which could cut energy costs by 10% and save the UK £32 billion if rolled out nationally.

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Islington Council, Honda and smart battery electric vehicle charging specialist Moixa are collaborating on a smart EV charging project to switch the council's fleet to electric vehicles and create "vehicle to grid" (V2G) flexibility capacity.